This piece is titled “#animalabuse” and is targeted towards college age adults. The purpose of this piece is to change the narrative about how people treat animals from an earlier age. While in college, many are subjected to many social issues involving other members of the human race, but not our animal brethren. Teaching that subjecting these creatures to poor conditions at an early age is detrimental.

The grand narrative that is contained in this piece focuses on the state of how humanity in general sees different species in general. We always see ourselves as better and more worthwhile than our animal counterparts. What we don’t think about is how we are also animals and were at one point at a similar level as these creatures. This campaign is meant to teach people the importance of not abusing our mental authority over other animals. They still think and feel, even though not on the level humans do, and should be treated with respect.

The Silkweave



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