Global Warming Awareness

My final project is called Global Warming Awareness, the reason I have chosen this name for my project is because the project shows the problems that are being caused by global warming. The purpose of my piece is to help educate people on the issues and problems that global warming causes our planet and it is also aims at helping influence organizations to raise money to help stop global warming. My audience for this piece is anyone in the age range of 15 to 115 that isn’t aware of what global warming actually does to the planet and the end goal is to help persuade them to help stop global warming.

The background of my piece is that I believe global warming is a real and extremely serious phenomenon, but not many people are taught what it is so many people believe it isn’t real because they have never learned about it. My piece was created to help teach people what is happening to our planet and gives a way for people to help fix the problems. This piece could exist at a science museum or a science expo where they are trying to raise awareness about global warming and this piece could also be connected to a big screen and be inside a model of Earth, and the longer you touch the Earth the more the temperature goes up.




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