Phy-T 4 Home

Phy-T 4 Home

By Hannah Wicklund

Phy-T 4 Home is meant to be an at home program that has physical therapy exercises that help with wrist, shoulder and elbow strengthening. The program is controlled with an accelerometer  that is inside of a ball so that is can be handled better. The program has 3 exercises in it and on the screen are arrows and a on screen ball. Moving the ball in your hand will move the on the screen, if doing the exercises correctly the ball will move with the arrows and a counter will keep track of your progress.

The program is meant to help people who need to strengthen a  certain area after a physical injury of some sort. The name is meant to be a catchy  and to easily explain what it is within the title. If I could be able to expand this program I would like to add more types of exercises and be able to use a Bluetooth Arduino that is connected to the accelerometer to be able to make the ball more portable.

Here are the connections that are needed for the Arduino and accelerometer:


Here is quick tutorial video that will explain how the program works:


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