The Vanishing Night

 The Vanishing Night

by Alex Courrier

“The streetlights flicker, the car horns screech, but all I can hear is her crying tears falling on my ash stained desk. Her hands buried in her hands. If only they could offer protection. She came to me, Detective William Frost, in hope I might have the answers she is looking for.

She lost her son on the night of April 28th. He was late coming home that night. Unsuspecting, he vanished into thin air. Poof. Only leaving a glowing blue residue behind. Sick joke of a crazed man for certain. This is the fourth case this week with uncanny similarities. I am nowhere close to figuring out the truth. I plan to search the points of abduction, and perhaps I might find a lead.”

This is “The Vanishing Night.”

The name is meant to sound as if it is a 1940s crime novel as well as describing the events that happened in the narrative. With that being said, the audience it meant for those that are interested in crime mysteries reminiscent of the 1940s.

Below shows the prototype in use, a close up of the controller, and how a video explanation of how it operates:


The Vanishing Night Explanation Video



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