Kat Kam

A program the loves your cat as much as you do.

The program Kat Kam will solve the cat selfie issues you encounter day to day. Written primarily in Python, the program uses Amazon’s existing Rekognition software to identify the face of a cat specifically. So when you are sitting in front of the camera by yourself, no photos are being taken, making it much more effective than a camera with a timer that is simply trigger by a countdown. This software is very sophisticated and has no trouble telling the difference between human and cat enabling use to use it as a trigger to capturing a photograph, reducing the stress of the entire event.

When the Rekognition software effectively identifies a cat on screen it will begin snapping photos and printing a message within the command prompt to display how many images it has taken. They are in turn saved in a file on the computer you are using to capture the images. The program allows for five photos to be saved within the folder before rewriting over the top of the last ones to save on memory space. Within Processing, one photo is chosen to give the user an option to potentially post onto Twitter. By clicking on the image, the program will post onto Twitter. If the user choses not to post, they can simply return to the preview and take another set of images to find one that is more ideal. Since they photos rewrite after five, it takes a very short amount of time to take the photos in the first place.

Lydia KatKam

Lydia Papenfuss Portfolio


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