The Secret Life of Stuff

“The Secret Life of Stuff” is a social campaign aimed at showing Americans the ethical and environmental impacts of their buying habits. This campaign will have several different applications including: an interactive installation, a website, as well as an app and social media accounts. The interactive installation would allow users to pick up different products and place them on a console where information about how that product was made and the impacts it has will be graphically shown on a screen. Each product will have a sensor embedded inside of it that will interact with an Arduino which will be inside of the console. The website will have information about the campaign and show videos of the installation as well as short documentaries on the different products. The app will allow users to search different products and read about the ethical and environmental impacts of those products and find more sustainable alternatives. By using both digital and analog applications of this project it will be able to reach a wide variety of people.

Prototype Interaction (Video)


Reagan Johnson Portfolio




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