Weki-Dance by Hannah Wicklund

The project starts with posters all around where users will be able to see that is advertising the installation. Once at the installation the user is able to train the computer five different dance moves. Once the computer is trained, the user is encouraged to perform any of the five dance moves that it was just trained too and in any combination. While the user is performing, the computer will also be projecting computer generated graphics on a screen nearby. So, as the user is dancing the more the graphics are appearing and changing. While the user is performing their combination, they will be videotape which will then be uploaded to the projects website.

After the installation, the users will be encouraged to visit the website where they are able to watch themselves and others training and using the computer. The installation will only stay in one location for three days and in a couple weeks it will relocate to a new spot where new users can interact with the project again but with new graphics and are encouraged to use new dance moves. The user will be encouraged on the website to follow the project on Facebook so that they can find the next spot that the installation will be set up.

The user will then go to the project’s Facebook page and follow it so the user will be able to get updates on where the installation will be located next. When the installation will be installed, the user will start to receive updates on the progress and where it will be located.

Once the user sees the Facebook post about where the installation is being placed, they will have to go out and find it. More posters will also be hung up for new users that are not following the project on Facebook.

Weki-Dance Bible

Hannah Wicklund Portfolio


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