The Secret Life of Stuff

“The Secret Life of Stuff” is a social campaign aimed at showing Americans the ethical and environmental impacts of their buying habits. This campaign will have several different applications including: an interactive installation, a website, as well as an app and social media accounts. The interactive installation would allow users to pick up different products…

Kat Kam

A program the loves your cat as much as you do. The program Kat Kam will solve the cat selfie issues you encounter day to day. Written primarily in Python, the program uses Amazon’s existing Rekognition software to identify the face of a cat specifically. So when you are sitting in front of the camera…

Mood Wheelz! by John Kuziej

This project will help to provide a service to children who cannot express themselves on their own or need a little bit of help to do so. The service will be to help disabled children make their feelings known through color and the simple manipulation of their wheelchair and a button press on the box….

Weki-Dance by Hannah Wicklund

The project starts with posters all around where users will be able to see that is advertising the installation. Once at the installation the user is able to train the computer five different dance moves. Once the computer is trained, the user is encouraged to perform any of the five dance moves that it was…

The Vanishing Night

“The Vanishing Night” is a game that is reminiscent of the 1940s crime mysteries were you play as Detective William Frost.

Phy-T 4 Home

Phy-T 4 Home is meant to be an at home program that has physical therapy exercises that help with wrist, shoulder and elbow strengthening.

Planet Arduino

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Create Your Own Artwork

Create Your Own Artwork was created to be an interactive artwork that allows anyone to create his or her own pieces through a fun interactive interface.


#AnimalAbuse is a campaign that uses Twitter to raise awareness about the issue.

Global Warming Awareness

The purpose of Global Warming Awareness is to help educate people on the issues and problems that global warming causes our planet and it is also aims at helping influence organizations to raise money to help stop global warming.